I got a job as a scam artist!

I am not sleeping. This is partially due to Arun’s sleep-yelling, which is what it is.  It started out as sleep-talking, but now he shouts, starting fairly early in the morning.  He sleeps through it.  But I do not.  It is unnerving to have someone beside you in bed, shouting about random things. “GET MY […]

A Decade with Hazel

Hazel was born at 9:37 pm on a Tuesday night on July 24th, 2002.  In fact, her brother and sister were also born at 37 minutes past the hour.  I remember that I had put off going to the hospital because I’d heard so much about first time mothers going too soon and then being […]

The time I inherited a man grinding on a monkey. A monkey grinder. Whatever.

The other day my mom called to tell me that an aunt who had recently died had left me something. Not money, in case you had your hopes up.  Also, she hadn’t actually left it to me, rather it was the only item in the assorted things she left behind that had any indication it […]

When I got turned down for a job I never applied for.

As you may or may not know, I have been job hunting.  I’ve had a long hiatus, despite some freelancing and contracting, but with my youngest kids (twins) entering 1st grade, it’s time to go back.  I’ve never really been one to relish the stay at home mom gig.  I get it’s an important job, […]

Bank heist. Motel Room Olympics.

I took the kids on a road trip to Old Town Sacramento, about a 3 hour drive with traffic, from my place.  We left Roo behind, because he had work and also because I thought it would be a bonding trip for the four of us.  In some ways, even after remarrying, I still feel […]

Protected: I’ll Take: Things I Saw Coming From A Mile Away for $1000, Alex.

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

It’s Oh So Quiet. And Rainy.

We just got back from Club Med Ixtapa.  Here goes. There is no alcohol and no conditioner to be had at Club Med Ixtapa. I’ll just start there.  There is alcohol on display, right there behind the bar, but it doesn’t seem to make it into the drinks.  I probably drank 85 pina coladas, because […]

If it could be better than this, I don’t know how

I heard from Cora again.  We had an unexpected day or two of rain here and I’m not sure if that’s what prompted the call, but I know she couldn’t find anywhere to be that night.  She said she was sorry for calling.  I was happy to hear from her, so were the kids.  We […]

End of Spring Update

I am still feeding squirrels.  Which has become a problem because now they expect it.  I have a little green metal house nailed to the fence that I fill with peanuts and when there are none left, they will come and sit on the fence and peer at me through the window.  Alopecia squirrel still […]

I’ll Take Pink Floyd for $1,000 Alex

I survived Mother’s Day, a holiday I sort of dread…for reasons I can’t fully explain.  Roo and I went away for the night to a local hotel.  To escape, though there wasn’t really anything to escape from.  Sometimes a change feels like a rest and so it felt quite restful.  We stayed where we have […]

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