About Me!


I am Tara, like Taaaaaa ruh.  Not Tera.  I am a mother of three smallish children. I am a California native born to English parents, which means my bad English teeth were fixed by good American orthodontics.  My children, much to my horror, won’t touch Marmite.

I have boy / girl twins and an older daughter, all in elementary school.  I am married to Roo, stepfather to my kids.  He has narcolepsy and a weakness for cars that leak oil all over our driveway. Those things are unrelated.

I write fiction sometimes.

Here is a family portrait, minus Roo, who is just out of the shot, sleeping.  We had just finished robbing a bank (note bag of loot) and I am celebrating because no one got shot, despite two kids with obviously itchy trigger fingers.

Oh whiskey? Don't mind if I do!