Clyde and Ivy on the ski lift at Sierra at Tahoe

Okay so I still don’t have a job.  I am still having interviews and getting better at interviews and getting CLOSE to getting a job.  I had a recent round of interviews at a company that told me I was fascinating and delightful, but not right for the position.  Which was disappointing.  One can, after all, learn job-required skills.  Being delightful is something you are born with.

In any case, I am not feeling delightful, but am feeling somewhat hopeful after an interview that I had yesterday for a JOB I WANT SO BADLY.

Arun hasn’t had much more luck than I have, so we are both on unemployment.  I said to him yesterday, what if neither of us ever get jobs ever again.  And all his solutions were really not that helpful or delightful.

I took the kids skiing over the weekend and that was mostly enjoyable, save for one run when Ivy surveyed the too steep slope of the intermediate run we mistakenly took her on, promptly sat on her ass and said “I’m not doing this.” Two hours of her sliding down sideways, while trying to avoid snowboarders and we barely made it to the very last ski lift run of the day. By then it was snowing hard and the only place the lift could take us (in order to get us down) was an intermediate run aptly named “Escape”.  Sometimes you have to put the fear of God in your children in order to give them a sense of urgency.  So I told her that we had to go down the mountain and that this was a hard run but also the only way down.  I added that the alternative would be to sleep in a snow cave and possibly freeze to death or be eaten by bears.  Ivy likes to imagine disaster, so I knew it would work.  She nodded, made a swipe at her goggles to clear them, and down she went.

In other news, this morning some kid pointed and laughed at Clyde’s sweatshirt: “That’s a pink sweatshirt!  You’re wearing pink! You’re a girl!!” and I went up to the kid all flustered and said something like, “We don’t do that in Northern California! We’re all tolerant and kind and accepting.  Plus, it’s not pink it’s light red!” When what I wanted to do was kick him in the nuts.  But I can’t, because the kid is 7 and as you know, I am delightful.

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8 Responses to “Delightful”

  1. Kristy says:

    Next time call me. I’m never referred to as delightful. I’ll kick him in the nuts – or at least fart right next to him. 7 year olds are at the perfect height for fart bombing.

  2. Jenny Grace says:

    You ARE delightful.

    I often want to kick seven-year-olds in the nuts. Resisting that urge is what’s separating Us from Them.

    Gabriel punched a boy in the nuts on Monday. Meeting with the principal was lots of fun.

  3. Auntie Sue says:

    Life doesn’t need a label or a colour, we all have our choices, and I’m not sure it’s good for any of us to decide from colours or labels, infact i’m confident. The older I get the more I see these things, like me Tara I think you may see these depths sooner than me, I’ve never looked back lovely lady! xxx

  4. Amy H says:

    You will both find a job! I know it. Keep the faith. I know its hard, but just keep telling yourself how delightful you are and what a genius.

    Plus, you are obviously getting really good at interviewing, which is a skill in and of itself.

  5. Marian Allen says:

    I’ve always found that the best way to deal with people like that 7-yr-old is to smile at them, showing LOTS of teeth. If necessary, say, very sweetly, “Are you talking to my boy (or, in our case, my girl)? And is there something wrong with being a girl? Isn’t your mother a girl? What’s your name?” All this must be said very very sweetly and showing LOTS of teeth. LOTS.

  6. Diane says:

    HEY QUIT PUTTING PASSWORD PROTECTED POSTS! or at least send me the passwords!!! 🙂

  7. Susan says:

    I lost your password and I would like to read your protected posts. I live in Irving, TX so I am totally not your ex husband’s wife or her friend. As a matter of fact I would kind of like to kick her ass. I mean, meet with her and have a couple of glasses of wine and get to know her over a cobb salad.

  8. Wupppy says:

    Hi Delightful Tara,

    can you mail me your password, pretty please? otherwise I might make Kristy fart on you and you know she will ….